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SIARENTE, with its 17 Years of Experience, carries out
the Machinery Sales, Consultancy, Service and Maintenance representations
in Turkey for American, European and Far East Suppliers,
standing out with their technology and quality worldwide in the Metal Wire, Machinery and Spare Parts Industry.
Analyzing the Customer's Existing Systems and Operational Processes ;
we offer System, Machinery, Raw Material and Tools Solutions.

SIARENTE, together with its Customers;
provides technical support, sales and services in development and export of
Die Spring, Bathroom Accessories, Wire drawing mills and Hardware products.
The designed and manufactured products are available at online stores such as Wayfair and Walmart in the USA.


Why choose Us?

SALES and SUPPLYSales Marketing Services

Collaborating with the engineering teams of the world's leading machinery manufacturers, we offer Tailor made Engineering Solutions for your Machinery, Tools and Material needs through the Wire and Metal Industry.
In Accordance with our transparent policy, we bring International Machinery Manufacturers and Local Manufacturers successfully together. Our primary vision is to offer Highly-efficient, Affordable Machines and Tools, equipped with New Technologies, to the metal sector in our country.

Effective Planning

SERVICEMaintenance and Service

Both machine maintenances, parts and service needs are provided by our expert maintenance teams, which ensure the machines working efficiently .
Firm and rapid solutions are offered to customers via communicating with the overseas offices of suppliers, with the aim of keeping the machines running continuously.
Instant Machine installations, Operating Trainings, Maintenance and Quick Supports, in case of problems or breakdowns, are provided.

Why choose Us?

CONSULTANCYProject Development and Technical Support

We analyze the production processes together with our customers, develop the required machineries and system projects. We then provide the best technical tools, installations and infrastructures required by the project.
When the most suitable machinery setup is determined; We provide the right installations, programs and trainings with our expert teams. We regularly support our customers by our technical teams when needed during the After Sales Service period.


As SIARENTE Technical Consultancy, we offer our Customers
the Highest Technology with the Most Affordable Price and Optimum Capacity/Efficiency options ,
together with our Business Partners/Suppliers, for following processes:

Cost Effective Solutions

Wire Drawing

Cost Effective Solutions

Spring Forming

Cost Effective Solutions

2D 3D CNC Wire Forming

Cost Effective Solutions


Cost Effective Solutions

Metal Sheets & Wire

Cost Effective Solutions


Cost Effective Solutions

Industrial Packaging

Cost Effective Solutions


Cost Effective Solutions

Robotic Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

Automation Systems

Cost Effective Solutions

Laser Control

Cost Effective Solutions

Tools Supply

Cost Effective Solutions

2nd Hand

Cost Effective Solutions


Cost Effective Solutions

Nail Making

Cost Effective Solutions

Pipe Bending


Founded by SIARENTE in 2017, services to European, American and Far Eastern Manufacturers;

It is the Marketplace Platform
where Metal, Machinery, Tool and Spare Parts
Purchase, Sale and RFQs are managed.

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Under own registered trademark of TELPOT;
Wire drawing Dies, Grinding Wheels and Chemical products
designed for industrial use are being developed.

Carbide, PCD Cobalt, Profile Dies and Wire Drawing Chemicals are available.